Saturday, July 16, 2011

Welcome to Ask Miss Holly!

       In reading the "Dear Abby" column daily in the paper, I realize that she and I have very similar views on
life's little bumps and tumbles.  I seem to always try to answer the questions, then look at her answers- normally along the same lines-- the woman is brilliant!  Sometimes I feel as if I should write to her and let her know that if she ever wants to retire, that she has a willing and able replacement right here.  No one would be the wiser, as she is my mentor, unbenownced to her!
SO, if you have any challenges before you, any bets to settle, any relationship issues you are pondering, please write me at  I will publish your letter here and write you my very best answer!
I will also invite comments from others.. so you will get feedback from a variety of sources.
Remember, It is always best to share your troubles- and not let them roll around in your head- for your head can be a bad neighborhood, and one not to explore alone!
Please tell your friends!  This is a brand new blog!

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